Fredator – drums
Jorma Kalevi Louhivuori – trumpet
Joakim Berghäll – saxophone
Panu Savolainen – vibraphone
Teemu Åkerblom – bass

Debuting in the scene successfully some years ago with their first album, Fredator is back with a vengeange on “Rebirth of the Bad”. The second album sees the lizard jazz outfit seek new musical grounds while swinging hard and cooking up no-nonsense latin-tinged jazz with a flame burning hotter and hotter still.

Fredator and his group have mastered the genre of danceable latin jazz. After their debut album, the orchestra shed its skin, gained some new members, and took a whole new direction before publishing their second album Rebirth of the Bad (Suomen Musiikki 2012).

Inside the lizard costume is drummer-pianist Jussi Fredriksson, who is active in numerous orchestras, leads the popular Flame Jazz concert series in Turku, and is a board member of the Finnish Jazz Federation.