Jussi Fredriksson Jazz Wars

Jussi Fredriksson – piano, keyboards
Jukka Eskola – trumpet
Joonatan Rautio – saxophone
Marzi Nyman – guitar
Jori Huhtala – bass
Jussi Lehtonen – drums

Pianist Jussi Fredriksson’s album Jazz Wars is a jazz epic centering around the themes of power and warfare. The album is made up of two four-part compositions where the mood shifts from high-flown battle episodes to more subtle tones.

Jussi Fredriksson Jazz Wars is one of the most significant jazz works of the past years
-Helsingin Sanomat



Jazz Wars I & II (2012)

  1. Jazz Wars I Part 1: Home
  2. Jazz Wars I Part 2: Journey
  3. Jazz Wars I Part 3: Battle
  4. Jazz Wars I Part 4: Return
  5. Jazz Wars II Part 1: No Doubts
  6. Jazz Wars II Part 2: Hesitation
  7. Jazz Wars II Part 3: Peace
  8. Jazz Wars II Part 4: Freedom