Jori Huhtala 3

Jori Huhtala – bass
Jussi Kannaste – saxophone
Aki Rissanen – piano

Along with saxophonist Jussi Kannaste and pianist Aki Rissanen, Huhtala has created a rather unusual jazz trio for interpreting his compositions. The group creates vivid moods through solid interplay, dexterous improvisation and imaginative soundscapes, inviting the listener to unwind and enjoy the aural scenery.

Jori Huhtala (b.1984) is a bass player from Finland. Mainly focusing on jazz music, he performs and records with a numerous top artists in Finland, e.g. Eero Koivistoinen, Raoul Björkenheim, Panu Savolainen, Jussi Fredriksson, Jussi Lehtonen and Sid Hille. His long-standing bands include the groups Kvalda and Big Blue, both of which have received international acclaim for their original sound. He has also collaborated with many of the leading jazz artists of the world, such as David Liebman, Billy Hart, Tim Hagans, Jukkis Uotila and Tim Ries. Jori is an active composer and writes music for many of the groups he works with.


Jori Huhtala 3 (2018)

  1. Rapids
  2. Idleness
  3. Introduction
  4. Different Paces
  5. Better Days
  6. Fat Pad
  7. From Ashes
  8. Undulating
  9. Sounds of Suburban Summer

Composed and produced by Jori Huhtala