Nassaun Fasaani

Toni Porthén – drums
Joonatan Rautio – saxophones, EWI, keys
Jussi Fredriksson – piano, Rhodes, keys
Juho Kivivuori – bass
Abdissa Assefa – percussions

Electric jazz-funk band Nassaun Fasaani released their debut album “Return” on September 19th, 2014. On their new album, Nassaun Fasaani – founded in 2010 by drummer Toni Porthén and saxophonist Joonatan Rautio – present a fascinating mixture of different shades music coming together under the broad heading of “jazz funk”. Different influences come together naturally, and the album showcases the undisputed talent of composer Rautio is and  producer Porthén.

The lineup of musicians in Nassaun Fasaani includes some of the most sought-after names working in the Finnish jazz scene. Toni Porthén is a familiar face in a large variety of groups from jazz to funk and rock, and regularly plays in such ensembles as the Lenni-Kalle Taipale Group and MP4. He is also known as the virtuoso drummer of Finnish pop acts Redrama and pop singer Anna Abreu. Saxophonist Joonatan Rautio is the 2010 winner of the prestigious Yrjö Award presented to the jazz musician of the year by the Finnish Jazz Federation. Rautio is one of the most highly-regarded craftsmen in Finnish jazz. Pianist Jussi Fredriksson electrifies Nassaun Fasaani’s soundscape, and the cornerstone of Nassaun Fasaani’s rhythmically strong approach is provided by Juho Kivivuori on electric bass and Abdissa “Mamba” Assefa on percussion.


Nassonaut (2017)

  1. Ascensore Spaziale
  2. Authenticity
  3. Ewegoem
  4. Nassonaut
  5. Marula
  6. Moinhos De Vento
  7. Kayame
  8. Nanoye

Return (2014)

1. Vaillant
2. Majira
3. Wagtails
4. Wanaajili
5. Hidden
6. Tarangire
7. The Return of Fasan de Nassau